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Strategy & consulting

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Video production




"A month ago, we were faced with serious team and client challenges. Lorrie led a brainstorming session, at the end of which my team had five concrete root-causes and potential solutions. This session was successful because Lorrie had gained our trust. She has a remarkable ability to ask insightful questions, determine root causes, and offer lasting solutions."

- Michael K. 


"Lorrie is also an amazing researcher. She digs deep into understanding the background of the design problem that she is working on. That might be a story about a particular individual or cause, or it might be how to make a system for completing a project better or more efficient."

 - Marc R.


"It was well worth the cost. Lorrie was great. Our group can be a hard sell, but they were impressed with Lorrie – how she taught, answered the many questions we had, nothing ruffled her feathers – not even our lack of being able to get her connected to the internet. I keep hearing comments of how much they liked the class and how much they learned."
- Terri E.


"While possessing a valuable combination of tactical filmmaking skills, her commitment to the prep and technique required for quality storytelling is what I recall most."

- Steve K.


"Lorrie is excellent to work with both on an interpersonal level and with respect to her editing talents."

- Leena M.


"Very beneficial, Lorrie had a great personality and made you feel at ease about asking questions."

- Anonymous


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